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An ISO 9001 : 2008 Co.
Public Address System
Welcome to the World of Mega
Mega PA system has been one of the leaders since 1959. State of the art production houses, Stringent Quality Tests, Timely deliveries , reasonable pricing structure and efficient after sales service contribute to millions of satisfied customers around the globe. Mega won Four National Awards for outstanding export performance and is ISO 9001: 2008 company. We cater to all types of requirements from small, medium and large gatherings. Our equipments are used by reputed showrooms, factories, hotels and restaurants, educational institutions, research institutes, railways, police, religious places like temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches, yoga classes, classroom lectures, auditoriums, sarv shiksha abhiyans in different states of India. Face to face enquiry systems for modernization of airports, railway stations, embassies, cinema halls etc.
Conference System
APS Series Conference System MCS Series Conference System
Portable P. A. System
Portable P. A. System P. A. Classroom Amplifier P. A. Megaphones
P. A. Microphones
P. A. Wireless Microphones P. A. Microphones P. A. Microphone Stands
P. A. Amplifiers
P. A. Twin Zone Power Amplifiers Installation P.A. Amplifiers Booster DJ Amplifiers P. A. Booster DJ Amplifiers P. A. High Power Mixer Amplifiers P. A. Medium Power Mixer Amplifiers P. A. Low Power Mixer Amplifiers
P.A. DVD Player Amplifier / USB Player
P. A. DVD Player Amplifiers USB Players P. A. Mixers P. A. Mobile Amplifiers cum Siren Two Way - Intercom Microphone P. A. Power Podium
P. A. Speakers
P. A. Horn & Drivers Units Low Impedance P.A. Horn Speakers Line Matching P.A. Unit Horn Combination P. A. Music Horn & Speakers P. A. Ceiling Speakers P. A. Wall Speakers P. A. Column Speakers P. A. Speakers & Sound Columns P. A. Speakers P. A. Speaker Stands